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Professional Voice Recordings

What message would you like your callers to hear when you place them on hold?

Could you put this valuable ‘air-time’ to better use?

Professional voice-over recordings can be used to:

  • drive sales by relaying information about your current campaigns, offers & promotions to your callers.
  • record telephone system messages e.g. “thanks for calling, our offices are now closed. Please leave a message or press ‘0’ to transfer to reception”.
  • record voicemail greetings from individual members of staff.

If you would like to improve how your company sounds to your existing and potential customers, we would encourage you to try our system.

5 Rings Professional Voice Recordings start from as little as £40.00 and can be finished and returned to you within hours. We give you access to a huge network of professional voice artists, with both regional and international accents, that can record messages for your business, telephone system or web site.

You will be able to:

  • Listen to samples of all artists and choose the right age/gender/accent for your business.
  • Submit your scripts on-line.
  • Download your files from our web site.
  • Access and re-use your archive of previously recorded files.

It couldn’t be easier, don’t delay … start recording today!

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