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Mobile Voice & Data Solutions

Highly competitive mobile solutions with expert account management.

As a completely independent supplier, we offer our customers the choice of a network and solution that’s right for them. Our experienced team work in partnership with the four major UK networks and have a wealth of bespoke tariffs and offers available.

We stock a complete range of devices from the very basic right up to the latest high specification smartphones. We also carry a full range of the latest tablets/phablets and other mobile related products, whether you’re a small business or a large corporate organisation, we believe the key to excellent service is a blend of pro-active account management and keen pricing.

5 Rings are pleased to offer this complete package, and with a continually expanding portfolio of products and services, our customers can be sure that their businesses’ will stay at the frontline of mobile technology.

Mobile Phones / Smart Phones / Tablets

We’re committed to helping our customers get the very best value for money from their company mobile phones. We offer a fantastic range of tariffs from all four of the UK’s major mobile providers, so you are sure to get the package that’s right for your business.

Many business customers have seen the benefits of bundled tariffs, whilst some prefer the flexibility of standard, pence-per minute packages. 5 Rings can offer both solutions, and our skilled and highly experienced sales team can help identify which option is right for you.

Regulatory changes around roaming and international calling has made using your mobile whilst traveling abroad much cheaper in recent years. Make sure you speak to us before your holiday or business trip and we can ensure you have the right bolt-on or tariff to get the lowest rates on calls, email and data whilst you are away.

Mobile Broadband

Having become hugely popular over the last few years, Mobile Broadband has now become essential for many businesses. The ability to connect to the internet via your laptop, netbook or tablet has given businesses a massive boost in productivity, the ease and simplicity of the plug-and-go solution means that you can be up and working within seconds.

We offer mobile broadband (USB modem connections) from all four of the UK’s major mobile networks. These devices combine speed and convenience to effortlessly link to a company VPN or network – meaning you can work effectively wherever you are, without paying a premium at hotels or conference spaces.

The USB modems can be shared by a variety of workers, wherever and whenever they are needed. They are also perfect for setting up temporary offices or offsite team bases, and are also useful to keep in the event of issues with your fixed line office ADSL.

USB modems are free of charge (when taken in conjunction with a new contract).


MiFi units now offer the ability for multiple devices to connect wirelessly to a 3G/4G transmitter/receiver. The mobile office is now a reality! CONTACT US for further details.