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Disaster Recovery & Failover

What if...?

The vast majority of businesses in the UK now depend heavily on their ability to Stay Connected.

What would the implications and costs to your business be if:

  • You lose your internet connection?
  • You have a power cut/flood or staff can’t get to the office?
  • Your telephone system breaks down (how do you ensure that you don’t  miss any calls)?

Do you have a business continuity strategy in place?

Each organisation has their own attitude to risk and evaluates the criticality of their internet connections and telephone systems differently. To maintain business as usual in the event of a disaster, we recommend that everyone should at least consider certain scenarios in order to decide what level of DR and/or failover to put in place.

Are there any weaknesses in your current infrastructure?

The most common DR & Failover solutions we provide are a combination of:

  • Multiple/Back-Up internet connections on different networks
  • Improved connectivity with an SLA (see our Connectivity page)
  • Routers configured for automatic failover (see our Connectivity page)
  • Cloud based telephone systems (see our Hosted VoIP page)
  • Telephone Recovery plans (download our Telephone Recovery Flyer below)

We are more than happy to work with your existing IT provider to ensure a seamless service between your IT and Telecoms suppliers.

For further information, please call us on 0333 2200 555.

Download our Telephone Recovery Flyer